You gave me a seed and I took it and gaurded it.

You later asked me where the tree was and I told you I never planted it.


You were offended that I preferred the idea of a tree and it’s shade rather than the physical being itself.

You did not see the parallel between how I acted and what I was intending.


& I wish you could see how I only wanted to guard the seed,

I wish you knew my language of love and what safeguarding means.

Sorry I do not do things in the way you seek


Peace and Blessings,

Karima Osman

13 thoughts on “Miscommunication

  1. Great poem sis! What is the parallel between planting the seed and safeguarding it? There may be a deeper significance I was unable to connect.


    1. ❤ The parallel was in how she acted (by choosing to not plant the seed) and her intentions ( keeping the seed intact as it was gifted to her from her lover, hence not planting it) Despite her pure intention, her partner did not perceive her action as she meant it… he confused it for her ingratitude in the tree he wanted her to benefit from. His language of love was different.. he wanted physical indicators… like the physical tree (eye contact, reassuring body language) but her love language was more unspoken and less noticeable like the seed (secret prayers for him and having a sense of reservation around him)… idk if i make any sense sis


      1. Understood sis, that’s beautiful m’A! It is a blessing indeed to have the seed. It will be planted at the right season.


      2. Exactly sis, love is sometimes more calculated than it is effortless depending on the lover.. and both forms are pure, just different… and it is the calculated type that can sometimes fault to miscommunication


      3. He isn’t privy to the prayers you make for him. He sees your reservations around him as indifference. You fail to understand His language of love is to provide (that you benefit from the actual shade and the sustenance the tree produces)


  2. I really loved reading you! You are really good at it! After reading you, i couldn’t stop myself, but ask you, as to where are you from and if you’d mind, if i wanted to get to know you a lil more?


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