The feeling is seated in my heart, but I haven’t placed much of it in my mind, so it is a task to somehow communicate what the feeling is. I have not recently taken the time to rationalize it, it is not a coherent or accessible declaration ready for retrieval during a discussion. Why rationalize clarity rested in the heart if it doesn’t conflict with any fiber or flow?

This isn’t to say that I haven’t asked critical questions, or learned of evidence to give a foundation to this feeling. No, but for some reason, I don’t remember these verifications, the verses that have quenched my inquires, the proofs if you will. I can hardly remember any of them. I only hold on to the mystic flight I feel in faith, but such is a personal experience, and subjectivity is not transferrable or worth substance in a discussion about the validity of religion.

When I was younger, the fuel of my faith was of the mind. I enjoyed debating scripture, questions posed by inquisitive friends at lunchtime would lead me to an extensive search for evidence, my dinner would get cold on those evenings.

Over the years, however, other demands have led me to complacency and comfort, to spiritual numbness. The foundation of faith I’ve critically built earlier in life is not maintained by that same criticality, it now just exists without being expanded upon, or questioned to thereby prompt its growth. I don’t want my spirit and rationalization to be immiscible. I need to return to those inquisitive habits of my younger self to then link the clarity of the heart with that of the mind. The latter is what I now lack.


Peace & Blessings,

Karima O.

2 thoughts on “Faith

  1. Such a precious other worldly ethereal soul you are, Mash’Allah.

    Oh by the way I was scrolling thru your insta and you have a fine taste in music and quite similar to my taste which ranges from Sade/Lo-fi/80’s90’s Quiet Storm R’n’B to Motown Oldies.

    My Top 10 GOAT Songs (For your listening pleasure) 👌

    • Urban Species – Spiritual Love
    • Gabriel – Dreams
    • Sade – Kiss of Life
    • Busta Rhymes/Janet Jackson – What’s it Gon’ be
    • 9th Wonder – One Night
    • Hiatus Kaiyote – Nakamarra
    • Isley Brothers – Don’t Say Goodnight
    • Earth Wind and Fire – Loves Holiday
    • Donnell Jones – In the Hood (Remix)
    • Keith Sweat/ Jacci McGhee – Make it last forever

    My top 10 but it could’ve easily been top 100 😂 and by the way Sahra needs her own weekly Podcast, she’s wasting her talents and needs to take her show on the road as an overly aggressive motivational speaker.

    Anyways I’m out and apologise for not knowing went to stop writing.

    Take care



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